Resources I Love (and you might too!)

Below are a few of my favorite business resources that I use or have used and very much recommend for your business.  Some are even just really great products I support from some of my favorite business mentors.  Because I've got quite the collection, I'm organizing these by areas of your business:  Foundations, Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Expansion.

Also note, that I may receive affiliate commission from some of these offers, at no additional cost to you.

If you've got any questions, or want to know my personal thoughts on something, feel free to email me at

Also remember, you don't need all the things.  Take what you need and leave what you don't :)


7DS Accelerator Program by Host Agency Reviews- The complete course to starting your travel agency--literally the course I wish I had when I first started my travel agency.  It goes through topics like naming your business and niching, registering your business, setting up your finances, choosing a host agency, and more!

Written in the Stars- If you know me, you know astrology is my jam, and business astrology even more!  Astrologer Leslie Tagorda leads this recorded 5-Day mini-training that utilizes her AstroBrand Method to help empower you when navigating your unique business.


Confidence in ClickUp- Kaci Ackerman has been such a blessing when it comes to learning how to fully utilize ClickUp to streamline your business systems. In this course, she goes over the very basic capabilities to the more advanced functionalities.  Her team also supports you in a private FB Group and they hold regular monthly calls for additional support.

TravelJoy- I've been using TravelJoy for my travel agency since 2019, and if it weren't for this software, my travel business would be a mess! It helps me keep all my trips organized, send agreements, forms, and invoices, create group booking pages, and now even itineraries! Clients are able to securely authorize credit card payments and sign forms without all the back and forth of hassle with scanning/faxing.

The Digest- If you're a travel advisor, this email community by Kate Thomas of Travel Pro Theory is a no brainer!  She sends two emails a month with topic breakdowns, easy to implement steps, and oh-so-many templates and spreadsheets!  Another resource I can't recommend enough--been a member since it's inception :)


Mailbox Power- I've been utilizing this service since 2021 to automate my direct mail needs.  This includes sending cards (birthday, holiday), gifts, and postcards to my clients.  Highly recommend to take these simple tasks off your plate.

Email Marketing Membership- I've been in Liz Wilcox's membership since 2022 and it has helped me to stay consistent with my email marketing efforts.  Every week she has a new email template, with a guidance video, subject lines suggestions, and 2 real-world examples.  She also conducts Q&A and guest expert calls every month/quarter.  Cannot recommend this membership enough!

Flodesk- My favorite email marketing program that just keeps getting better :)  Their interface is easy to use and their emails, automations/workflows, and forms are easy to build and look fabulous.  I also love their streamlined pricing, and that they just recently opened their API--so looking forward to all the app integrations!

FB Ads for Listbuilding Bootcamp- Zach Spuckler is THE leader you want to learn from in regards to FB Ads.  He has such a down-to-earth approach and is super easy to follow.  I've taken his live bootcamp twice already (and counting!) and learn something new every time.  Cannot recommend enough!

Hello Audio- Another favorite!  This is how I host my private podcast feeds, including my Audio Series, the audio recordings of Marketing Business School calls, and audio feeds for some of my courses.  Super simple to implement and integrates with a lot of the tech I use.

CastMagic- Probably my favorite new AI tech that I use regularly to make repurposing my podcast content super easy!  I upload podcast audio (though it can also take video) and it will generate a transcript, title suggestions, keywords, key topics, pull out notable quotes, and so much more.  I don't even think I've touched the surface yet and they are always adding new features.  What I love about this AI is that it repurposes my own original content in a way that saves me time and energy.  Highly recommend!


Thrivecart- This is a sales cart that you can use for lead magnet landing pages, consultation sales pages, and even hosting digital products.  The best part is that instead of having a monthly payment, you just pay for Thrivecart once, and have it for lifetime.  I currently use Thrivecart for the registration pages of my audio series.

Mexperts- Travel advisors, if you want to sell more Mexico, you NEED to join Mexperts.  Lori Gold leads this membership and she is a WEALTH of knowledge on all things Mexican Caribbean.  You'll get a plethora of resources, webinar with suppliers, social media images, and so much more!


The Travel Coach Network- The world's very first and only ICF Accredited International Certification Program for Travel Coaches.  I've recently enrolled in this program and looking forward to the additional offerings and skills I'm able to add to my business.


I may have a financial relationship with some of the merchants I mention. 

From time to time, my blog posts and pages may contain affiliate links, which means I may get compensated/earn a commission at no extra cost to you if the affiliate links are utilized to make a purchase. 

My editorial content, including the advice I provide for educational purposes and the opinion I express on products, services and merchants is not influenced in any way by advertisers or affiliate partnerships and the integrity of my content is in no way compromised by such financial relationships. 

I only affiliate with products, services, and merchants that I believe will provide value to my readers. 

I only endorse products, services and merchants that I have personally used/tested and consider of the highest quality standard. 

It remains solely your personal responsibility to conduct your own investigation to determine whether to purchase an affiliate product or service. 

You will not rely on any recommendation, reference, or information provided by me and I cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages resulting from your purchase.


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