Blog Tools you Need for Content Creation on FAM Trips

Tools you Need for Content Creation on FAM Trips


**Special Note:  The links in here are affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you.  Many of these items, I've used personally and thus highly recommend for media efforts.**

Hello all FAM-goers :)  Whipping up a quick post on some of the tools I use to create content on FAM trips.

To record audio/video in destination:

The exact lavalier microphone I use looks to be off of Amazon, but here's an alternative.  I use this lavalier mic for when I'm recording media in location.  I'm including an adapter option, as well, in case your mobile device now has a USB-C output. 

Here's also a windscreen for the lavalier mic, to help improve sound in windy locations.  

Here's a wireless lavalier option that I'm considering purchasing in the very near future :)

To enhance your lighting on photos, especially foodie shots:

I use natural light for the best light in my home office.  Make sure the natural light is facing you and not behind you.  When I'm out and about, this is the ring light I love using to help brighten up my media.

A short tripod you can also use as a selfie stick, also.

A taller tripod and very compact for travel.

A battery pack to keep your phone charged.


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