Blog The Tech I Used for my First Audio Summit

The Tech I Used for my First Audio Summit


I hosted my first audio summit on May 31, 2023, and I'm already cooking up my next one :)

I wanted to share some of the tech magic that helped me produce my audio summit, so if you've been thinking of producing one yourself, here might be a really great place to start.

**Also, this is your heads up that some of these links will include affiliate links.  It doesn't cost you extra and just sends me a small kickback for referring you their way.  I would so appreciate you using my links if you do end up purchasing any of these products.**

I'd say the two most instrumental pieces of tech that I used were my sales pages and my private podcast host.

For my sales page, I went with the tried and true, Thrivecart.  What I love about TC is not only the one-time payment, but the fact that there is so much customization available, as well as the ability to add order bumps or upsells/downsells.

Now I cannot mention Thrivecart without mentioning the incredible Dama Jue who has amazing sales page templates, so you don't have to do the legwork of designing the actual sales page.  

I went with her "Private Podcast" Template, and tweaked it slightly for the summit components.  It was incredibly simple, and her guided copy prompts are so helpful.  Whenever I need another sales page template, I'm most definitely checking to see if she has it first because it saved me so much time and bandwidth from having to design all on my own.

Then, we've got to go to one of my favorite techs, Hello Audio.  I've been using HA to host a private podcast for my membership, Marketing Business School, as well as a few other virtual events I put on throughout the year.

It was only natural that they host my private audio feed--after all, that's one of the best benefits of hosting a private audio feed, is that people have to give you their email address in order to get access, unlike a public podcast host like Buzzsprout.

I use Buzzsprout to host my public podcast, too, btw :)

Now all podcasts need to have some sort of show notes, and I used my handy dandy AI at CastMagic to generate the timestamps and key topics for each episode's notes.

I also used CM to upload transcriptions to a private page I made, that all registrants could access as a backup to the private audio feed.

This page was housed on my course platform, MemberVault.

Now part of why I chose the tech I chose, Thrivecart, Hello Audio, and Membervault, was because they all had native integrations with my email autoresponder, Mailerlite.

It saved me from setting up so many zaps in Zapier :)

Whewww....that's a lot of tech, and thankfully there were very minimal mishaps in the actual execution.

If you'd like to pick my brain on how I put this audio summit together and get some guidance for one you'd like to plan, feel free to schedule a one hour consult.  I'd love to mentor you in the process of putting together your own audio summit :)

Until next time!



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