Lead Generation Calculator

Your business needs clients to thrive, right?

So why don't we reverse engineer how to attain your revenue goals, by first taking a look at how many leads your business needs....

...within the year

....or the quarter

...or even down to the month and week.

What if you had the CLARITY to actually know, based on your numbers, how many clients you needed for the year?

What if you could also get clarity on how many PROSPECTS you needed to talk to, in order to convert to paying clients?

That's where the Lead Generation Calculator comes into play!

Utilize the power of knowing your numbers, aka your expenses, conversion rates, average client spend, and more, to get the best idea of how many Discovery Calls you should be holding every year, to attain your income goals.  

And while not an entirely foolproof method, the calculator does give you the best idea on how to reach your goals based on your own business data.

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